May 7, 2018

community dinner

we enjoyed community dinner last night. it was my turn to cook and so i did. usually i don't make a big fussing, just a one pot meal is fixed and some dessert. but this time, i was inspired to try all kinds of new dishes. there is that cook book called "abrahams küche", by david haliva. a wonderful book, not just the illustrations are gorgeous but also the recipes are easy and very traditional to the palestinian and israely kitchen.

i coked a pomegranade lentil stew, a bulgur salad with asparagus, a musakhan with onions and summac, and one with a pepper-tomato paste. of course home made hummes was not missing. it all was loved and eaten with joy. (ups i forgot, there also where thos little pieces of quesadilla with olives, which a cuban friend of mine contributed to the dinner, thank you L).
good conversations and as always plenty of fellowship all evening long.

the evening led to some discussions and studying of bible verses conected to the upcoming holiday (this thrusday) of jesus ascension. for most people it's going to be a looooong weekend, as thursday is off and in most people take friday off too. so this is a super short week. i don't mind, but still it's good know why we get celebrate that ascension day.

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