May 15, 2018

this years flower boxes

the "Eisheilige" are in the passing and the weather forecast was clear and loud, that it would not get cold anymore until autumn...
this kicked me into planting gear once more. the geraniums i put in the garage last fall, were just about surviving. not all the plants, more like half of them. i have not been a super nice care taker for the plants, they have to fight and it is something like "survival of the fittest". But it was worth it, i got four plants which are doing ok and will get stronger again, as i feed them regularely again and the warmth and sunlight of spring is definitely doing it's job.
it was perfect, planting last friday, while it was nice and warm. this week is more of an april weather type of week, and that is just what my flower need, to get settled in the boxes on the balcony.

this year, i chose a new kind of geranium and some little sonflower kind of hanging plant as well as ornamental potato plants, we will see, what's coming of it all! lots of tender care and then, while we will be gone for 3 weeks this summer, maybe the plants will survive in the care of my house mates, we will see...

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