May 14, 2018

hiking with T

it has been an adventure and lots of fun to go on this saturday hike with thea. she could try out her "new" (second hand) hiking shoes and it turned out, that she liked them :)
we started out right at home and it was nothing new, walking up to the city's big woods, eschenberg. i was not aware of the fact, that thea loves to do stairs, be it up or down...
this made us find some more stairs. on our way down from the highest parts of eschenberg, we went to the waldegg corner, before heading into the city and enjoyed the opportunity of more stairs.
it was not to overlook, all those different ways of stacking bushels of fire wood... what a great sight!

keeping a good stride, toward town, we passed some great chalk drawings and fountains. each fountain had to be checked out and mesured.
and of course together we analized, why the fountain was deeper on one end... first thea would not believe the fact and blamed herself of not keeping the mesureing stick straight. we did a second and third mesurment and it turned out that it wasn't her technique, but it was the fountain. upon pondering and deliberation, we agreed, that it must be, for the moment, one would want to get rid of the water and pull the plug. as we found out, that the fountain was deeper on the "plug end"...

applied science, once more a moment of homeschooling and my heart is jumping with joy!

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