May 31, 2018

the birthday

the boy turned 19!
wow, how quickly did this happen, he just turned nine, i remember vividly when he was born, and now he is a young man. he loves life and jumps out of airplains, has jesus in his heart and plays the violin...
we had a lovely dessert mid afternoon, grandparents and family, sitting in the garden and enjoying our son's presence. there were a few more visiters stopping by and all was just lovely.
i made a simple buttermilk cake with black berries, it turned out well and the boy loved it. he is particular about desserts and loves fine food.
time is flying, elias has almost finished the first two years of apparentice ship to become a draftsmen in construction. he is doing well and has some wonderful supportive friendships. i'm very curious about the following years and how his carachter is being built and strengthened. o yes the evening moments when we have time to sit down and talk, discuss problems and topics he is passionate about, those are so precious and i do treasure them.

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