May 8, 2018

veggie share packing

we have been part of this veggie share project for almost 7 years and it does still work out for us. part of the "getting" vegetables every week is, to help on the farm. there is all kinds of work one can help with, right now, it works best for me (for us as a family) to help with the packing of the baskets. this is done on thursday mornings at the farm itself. (we just recently moved from one place to a new location, we are now located in Ellikon a.d. Thur). This is a very generous place and has two green houses, which are a wonderful addition to what we had in the past (one smallish tunel).
usually i go on my own, as the kids are all in school on thrusday mornings, but last thursday thea and amos wanted to come along. we had a great time, working hard and joyful alongside some friends and looking at the work done at 11am was rewarding.

the zucchini plants are being planted already, as the green house needs to make place for tomatos and it is really warm here in europe and will stay this way...

there had to be a little dance, well not really a dance but some wonderful fun with the farmers kids toy traktor!!!

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