May 2, 2018

spring :: pastures :: dandelion

we are still on spring vacation. sorry for not giving you heads up about last week. thea, amos and myself spent the week above weggis, together with 46 other people. i helped with a kids camp. it was a wonderful week, lots of laughter and good cheers, wonderful food (all kinds of middle eastern foods, as we were following the life and travels of abraham and sarai).

now we are back and still, take it easy. this led thea and me on a little hike. just an hour walking, taking off from our house, not with a clear direction in mind, just heading the way "our noses led us". of course in spring this might be the best kind of wandering (hiking is almost an overstatement). we headed out of the city toward the cow pastures, lots of dandelion wanted to be blown! lots of high grassy fields wanted to be run through, but as a farmers girl myself, i of course didn't let the girl run wild, it's the cows food, after all!

and with these photos, i'm back in blog-land...

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