May 3, 2018

gardening neighbor

there is nothing, which keeps thea in doors, if the neighbors are in the garden. not just while they sit and have dinner and invite her over to join them. but also while they work and plant and pull weeds and yes frequently, she is willing to lend a hand.
their garden just got changed a bit. old raspberrie plants (which have not yielded any fruit for the past four years) have been dug up and removed. some big shrubs had to move over and now there is a nice sitting area with still the "little" tree and new a vegetable planting patch. our neighbors are adventurouse and up to all kinds of "trials". three kinds of strawberries, salad and onions, leek and sweet potatoe, regular potatoe as well as peppers in three colors and cucumbers, pumpkins and lots of sunflowers. i'm excited for them and glad, that we are in it together now. as they took me along for plant shopping, which of course is super exciting.

our own garden is not very sunny, but so far the spring bulbs have worked great. lots of tulips are still in bloom and i just planted beets and fennel inbetween the flowers. some nastertiums, violets, marigolds and borage. there is more and the chickens so far don't dig it all up....
i ordered a book "gardening with chickens", by lisa steele and it arrived just on time for me to get really inspired (after kids camp has occupied all my thoughts until last saturday).
we will see and i will let you know, how my gardening is working out this year...

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