September 11, 2012

a few more moments of summer

i'm so glad that summer is back, the days are warm if not hot, at least for swiss standards...
the flowers are still bright in bloom and the bees buzzing, the garden the main "living room" during the day times. and i'm in the middle of my summer project. o it still is fun, and even my neighbor started to crochet this sunday afternoon, isn't that exciting.
so yes, i do claim summer is still with us and with it the spirits of the leisurely sitting and doing and drinking ice tea (for some, i guess it's coffee all year round, even in the heat of summer).
the inner part of my sampler afghan is done, i'm now waiting for friday to come and have blair tell me how i have to do the outer border... o i'm so excited to hold this finished project on my lap.

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Jessica said...

The afghan looks great!