September 13, 2012

i'm sewing sweets

and not just sewing is sweet, also our afternoon snack. melons and grapes and a big bite of cake which a friend brought over yesterday. is there anything else to sweeten up my day, of course the smile and laughter of the kids. i'm loving it and don't mind at all to do laundry in the late summer sunshine, fresh sheets on the bed, there is nothing sweeter to sink into after a days work is done. though joel is gone for a few days, amos at camp with his school for 5 days, it seems so very strange. it's quiet around the house and some times even still. of course there are still lots of folks humming around the house, as we live in community. there are 7 people with which we share the space. this makes for lots of excitement and fun. for not that many moments of silence, but i do claim them anyway and to sit at the table with company is always good.

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