September 18, 2012

crafting::and loving it

the girls and i spent the afternoon crafting in the garden. each of us was working on some kind of project we started at various times and so it came all together at this lovely tuesday afternoon. warm and sunny, the best moment to take the shirt off and have thea paint. i still like this the best, as it's so quick to clean up and have her not to worry about painting any shirt or blouse. she is all for it and as soon as i suggested to paint, the shirt was off her body.
naomi has been weaving a couple months ago, for one or the other reason she picked her work up today and we figured with all the harvested lavender, which we did earlier in the day, she might work on some special sachet for the summer scent to be stored in.
and for me, i was wanting to work on my granny square project, but i'm not certain yet how to best proceed, so i put the bag with the remaining squares back in the corner. instead i picked up some yarn and started once more a moebius shawl. this time i try to work it in a two coloured patent...

and of course we didn't skip a mid afternoon dessert, o so yummy fresh raspberries from this mornings bike to the weekly market!

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