September 17, 2012

monday morning

starting the week with a gorgeous sunrise just a bit before 7am, and for once i was not in too much of a hurry to get breakfast started as to take quick pic...
and then there were the hot peppers waiting to be put away. i got the red tiny ones from a plant in front of our house and also some of the bigger ones. the yellow peppers where from the veggie box. all of them needed to be roasted and pealed. now there is one  jar of pickled hot peppers and a little jar with a trial project of spiced up olive oil. we will see, the boy's i'm sure will tell me if it worked. they love hot food and will be using the oil for all sort of things, i expect them to use drops of it on plain pasta, an all time favorite after sports for both of them.
even the three loads of laundry are hanging in the morning sun, the next thing is the game. thea and i will be playing a round of "zicke zacke huehnerkacke"

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