September 26, 2012

the first round

the weather was nice and we went out to get the apples. at least that's what we thought we would...
we did go and we did get some crates, not a lot and there will be more in 3 weeks. the boscop were definitely not all ready to be taken, but that's ok. we needed to collect what was ready and on monday we will get the first cider of this year. in three weeks i'm sure there will be an other load of apples and it will be much cooler too. today felt warm for apple collecting isn't this an autumn activity? it is and autumn is showing itself from it's best side. i like this weather and i enjoy this activity of being outside and collecting what nature has produced for us.

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Anonymous said...

Bei uns ist das Obsten heuer an einem kleinen Ort.Nach einem Mega-Ertrag letztes JAhr haben wir wohl diese JAhr einen totalen Minusrekord. Dafür vielen nur wenige Bäume dem Feuerbrand zum Opfer. Prost dann beim Most!