September 19, 2012

finding once place

as i was so very much loving yesterday's afternoon, crafting, working and being, i felt sort of the opposite today. i don't even know why this is the way it is, there was just not a place i was able to settle and feel at peace and keep going. there was a busy morning with the ladies coming to german conversation group. it was gun it was great we had a few new women joining. then there was lunch time, i didn't even have to cook or set the table it was done by some one else living in our house. so that was nice, but maybe that was it, it threw me off. i was not doing what i usually do around noon time in my house...
never the less it was yummy and i indulged in a piece of dark chocolate to round up the delicious summer veggie casserole.
meanwhile knitting a round now and then, the moebius is growing and love it. listening to moral disorder by margaret atwood. the kids were in and out of the house doing their own things, had questions which i answered and gone again.
there are days like this, without a center without a consistent rhythm or swing. i don't like those days, i feel lost. maybe i need to learn to take those days just as they are, be at peace with them and not fight them? maybe, pondering and writing here helps me to keep still, just for a moment. still, sifting through my photos, still with all the kids in bed and joel making music with a friend, still as our house can be. enjoying it and finding my place in the stillness, in the moment. here and now, i guess that was it for today, thank you for today, thank you for the hustle and bustle and thank you for the questions, the smiles thrown in my directions...

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