September 6, 2012

green soup & cheese

we had green pea soup for lunch. i know it should have been split pea if i would have asked amos. as that one is his favorite dish. it was just sweat green peas, a batch which grew a bit old and was not very fine and smooth anymore when eaten just sauteed. this was a good solution to those "old" peas. i served it with fresh bread rolls and cheese. since we have at least one sheep or goat cheese on the plate, even naomi is happy again.
we discovered earlier this summer a mild milk-fat allergy which is not severe but never the less not very fun, as she is itching all over. the sheep or goat product are perfect as they do contain mono- or polyunsaturated fat.  which for naomi works perfect. she would have such a hard time to not eat any dairy, this way she has her "baeh baeh" milk or cheese or yoghurt.

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