September 24, 2012

yesterday up on speer

we took the opportunity of a wonderful sunny day and hiked up speer. it was one of those things we were talking about all summer long and i kind of was not quiet sure if we would be able to pull it off. especially as we had to organize a few things in order to do this. first of all thea had to stay behind, this was working out last minute. thanks to wonderful grandparents. and then the weather had to be nice as the hike included a "klettersteig" which is only safe to do when it's dry.
we have done some hiking this summer though never climbing a klettersteig. all of us are good hikers and have a good tritt", we like good views and a bit adventure and the speer nordface hike/climb promised all of this without having to bring lots of gear.
it started out with a wonderful lush walk up the valley to the last few alp huts, and then the super exciting moment to stand at the bottom of the north face of speer, we climbed it up and loved it all. naomi and amos ahead in high spirits. the view was as breath taking as the climb itself. o yes we will be doing this again, we all agreed.
i'm so happy living within an hours car ride of such stunning mountains! and being able to show our kids the awesome world around us.

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