February 4, 2013

a walk in our neighborhood

it was a slow and open sunday afternoon, nothing planned and the sun was not really appearing strongly. never the less it pulled me out doors and after a many a discussion and lot's of convincing and dealing and debating, we all headed out for a walk. within all these words i was not able to convince the boys to put their outdoor pants on.. "we will not go wild", "we will not walk off the path", "no it's not necessary", i was too tired of more debate, so we went the girls in mud pants and high spirits, the boys rather gloomy though elias brought his "long bow" along. a quick ride with the train and a walk home over the hills and medows, some of them snow covered.
of course we didn't stay on trails only, within the first 10 minutes we crossed over a fence and headed for the top of the hill across the meadow... i was glad i brought my mittens and head scarf, it was cold and windy and snowy at some moments. it ended up a wonderful walk, one more adventure with all of us together, coming back all of us very happy and ready for a hot cup of tea.

i will be gone this week, we are heading out for a bit more snow and slow down time. the kids are on brake and i will be back for {this moment} on friday.

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Barbara said...

Beautiful house (castle) on the hill photo. Sounds like a lovely walk!