February 25, 2013

celebrating and sewing

we have been celebrating a birthday yesterday and i'm all caught up sewing a little birthday present for a friend....

it should already be in the mail, though as you can see it isn't. it will be sent out soon, and i know it's going to be lat, but not less sent with lots of love.
i absolutely loved to sew up all those little scraps, the goal is, to make 6 pan mittens, with all fabric scraps and lose pieces from the stash. i did buy some crib sheets, very thick brushed cotton and this makes a good middle layer for the pan mittens. as i do hope they will be put to use and should therefore be thick enough to shield from hot pans. the work is progressing quickly, though i have been knitting, baking and running to tend my kids as they cough and fight their runny nose.

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Natasha Burt said...

it's not late, my friend....it just arrived! what a lovely surprise! I couldn't help hoping it was me who was going to get the beautiful pan mitt when I read your blog! THANK YOU!!!!