February 26, 2013

the pan mitten and her constellations

the pan mitt is done and in the mail. it did turn out nice and i'm happy, you can't see the back, it dawned on me just as i looked at the photo... that the salvaged fabric would have been nice to show. it's from a pillow case of my grandmother, oops, sorry.

and then my crafting and some hand sewing inspired thea to get going with her own stitching craft. i absolutely love her work, yes i did lend her my hand at some moments, as working that needle with a short thread is still very hard work for those little hands of hers.
there will be more hand sewing going on and i'm very certain more stitching too! how exciting all this handy work is, i so quickly forget the excitement and fun we have with some simple cloth and stitching yarn.

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