February 27, 2013

thinking of bees on this gray day

it's the end of february, the winter is getting long and straining, still cold and overcast here in the northern parts of switzserland. i'm getting anxious to meet spring and with it's warmer sun beams all the spring flowers and of course the blossoms and bees...

i had to pull out my little booklet "Good Bugs for your Garden", that wonderful little companion of mine.
reading about honey bees, the order of hymenoptera, the family of apidae.
and stuck i was in those wonderful pages, a nice moment of enjoyment!

it makes me all happy to look at the wonderful drawings of the bees and flowering plants. a lavender is on this one page in my mind i smell the scent, though in reality i have a absolutely stuffed nose (really the first time this winter). at the opposite page it's all about the bumble bees including the sketches of bumble bee larvae colonies under ground...
o yes spring is coming, soon i hope, the insects are humming and buzzing around, collecting pollen and enjoying each and every blooming flower springing up of the brown barren places around the house.

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