February 14, 2013

valentines day

saint valentines day is not as widely celebrated here in switzerland as it is in the us. we are not really celebrating today, or by the way, any other saints day. though today i quickly tried to figure out who was this saint. the story is rather conflicting, there seem to be two valentines and both of them became marters, maybe it was one and the same person....
as an article on huffpost also suggests.
valentine, the christian priest in rome, who was known of assisting christians persecuted under claudius II, having been caught marrying christian couples, makes the most sense why we are still celebrating valentines day. it is the day for engaged couples to express their love to each other.
my kids are americanized on this day, they do send out valentine greetings and i got a big valentines hug from them. which i gladly received and of course hugged them back as much as i was able to. o yes it's good to express the love for each other. it strengthens our family bonds and appreciation for each other, and that is a welcome happening.

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