February 11, 2013

before the snow a visit...

just a week ago, thea and i went for a walk in the country side. with a clear destination in mind we went out into the weather. it was a cold wind strong and blazing out there though we wanted to see the lambs at our friends sheep farm.
usually we just see the farmer with the products of his farm at the produce market in the city. what a different moment to meet the lambs and all the grown sheep we get the milk from.
naomi has a milk fat intolerance so we buy the sheep milk for her at the market each week. though it has been a while now since hansjoerg was at the market, as in december the milk was just a little and not worth to go to the market. he also has run out of cheese and joghurt and we will see him at the market again in march. we had to visit and check out the reason for not having milk, joghurt and cheese....
aren't they sweet those little lambs (the red colour on their backs is marking, not blood), a few words with the farmer (he is not a man of many words) and then on back home across the not yet snowed meadows. a wonderful winters walk and a cup of steaming coco as we arrived at home. (for a couple days, home was my parents house)

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