February 21, 2013

tending and knitting

the fever is going around in the house, it's not very hard to tend the sick, as it's a simple fever lasting 2 days. and the weather is cold all day long a freezing breeze is howling around the house. i don't mind to stay indoors and go about the  nursing duties of a mama. preparing tea and pealing oranges for my patients. sitting at the bed side and of course this makes for some good knitting time. and looking out the window makes me smile too, i love the sill in our family room.

i got my a beautiful "mini herringbone scarf" off the needles and already sent it to my fathers house. and now it's a new project, i had just about one skein of this left in my bin. which will perfect for a toddlers pebble vest. there we go. knitting for little kids is so super rewarding, and that fast!

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