February 18, 2013

the christmas rose in lent

this christmas rose has been with me for a while now, all winter i have been looking at this wonderful blooming plant. so pretty white and in full bloom for a long while now and all this in the cold dark winters time. now as we are in the season of lent i appreciate the plant even more. such a stark reminder of the transformation christ did in my life. a reminder of the grace and as well of all the hardship christ suffered before he died and rose again. it's good, it's helpful and carrying me through my days, when i'm down cast and lonely. and also when i'm standing in the front of my home, saying good by to a friend after having enjoyed a deep and good conversation. the christmas rose in my garden, what a good reminder

and then yes, there is the season of lent, giving up of sweet treats, this one is a hard one, the wonderful chocolate from the place we lived for a decade....
this year we prepare our self's and have gotten ready for lent. for me it's giving up desserts/sweets. i'm glad for the moments of still and just letting it be, stand by and remind myself of the work and suffering of jesus. the awakening on easter will be sweeter and wonderfully enjoyable on easter morning.
it's good to give up for the 40 days leading up to easter, to be reminded daily of the suffering, death and resurrection of christ, the messiah.

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Jessica said...

This was so funny -- you posted that you were giving up sweets the day after I bought the chocolate for you! And even with a picture of Taza chocolate! But Mark and I figured by the time he was there it would be almost Easter, so you could look forward to breaking your fast. :)