February 12, 2013

sewing and an early valentine

i spotted a nice little valentine's project at "blue elephant stitches", and had to get my hands into my big bag of little scraps...
i liked the fact of creating from scraps, though i realized mid way (and you can very well spot it) i was not careful enough, that all squares must be the same size... never mind i was struggling through the one sewing line and did a bit of undoing and redoing and ironing, pushing and pulling. it is as it is and i might do the project again, my bag of scraps is still full.
a bit more sewing and deciding if i might make a pillow cover with it or just a little wall piece, it's not the 14th yet.

and then, yes we got mail from friends across the ocean. thank you so very much a & a for the chines new years mail, combined with valentine, we all are thrilled and the fortune cookies are awesome!

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