May 27, 2013

a day of sunshine

those days have been rare, almost not seen in the past weeks. the more we are loving and enjoying it. there has been lunch on the balcony in the wonderful sun, there is hanging of laundry and playing in the sand box. there is just everything to be enjoyed and taken in as much as we can.
this leaves me with just such a quick moment posting the pics and telling you, that there is so much sunshine. there is nothing better to do then to be. loving this day, as the forecast is already telling again of rain and cold by tomorrow afternoon.

it's a late april, i guess. and my hopes have never been higher of dreaming a warm a couple warm and sunny summer months! those lovely tulips have been giving much joy, through all the droopy days, they never gave up and are still standing tall and yes loving the sunshine as much as i do.

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