May 6, 2013

the first planting...

it has been a long winter, a long and cold spring. and now it should get warmer and sunnier, joel and were digging our compost and putting it on the straw bales. the bales are nicely soaked (i had them out in the garden for many months). a quick intro to straw bale gardening.
and then last friday i got some lettuce and planted it with lot's of excitement. i got them from heidi schuppisser, she is a wonderful person and sells all organic seedlings, lots of "prospecia rara" type of plants too. so far, the project has been doing well, the torrential rain right after planting on firday night was it's first test. i was surprised not more compost has been washed down, and today in the bright sun the seedlings look good and they almost seem to have grown already... ;)

there is a bit more space, and on tuesday is an other market day, i have not decided what i will get, maybe coliflower, kohlrabi, we will see what's calling out to come home with me.

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