May 28, 2013

at the fire

it has been long since we sat at the fire, much rain and cold weather kept us from going out and sitting around a fire in the evening. of course when certain friends visit, we can't escape a fire...
this happened last night, and it was a wonderful sky we enjoyed, a cup of bold coffe/tea some cookies and lots of good and fun talking, even the baby was with us for the longest time. he slept happily and at least there were no mosquitoes yet, it's too cold.

when we sat around this fire in our city backyard, it just doesn't feel like we live in the city. i then pretend that we are way out there in some wonderful woods. no streetlight, no car, no kebab stand across the street. just plain being and loving and enjoying it. sometime i need this, the feel of being only me/us. the moment with no one else wanting something, or having done by me. not even the kids were up anymore, all tucked in and asleep. thank you for the good time with you guys g & p and of course my love joel.

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