May 7, 2013

random bits of orange

sometimes it i look at my photos, and something just get's to me. like today, thea and i had some papers to sign out of the way, we were on the train, in the city and at home in our back yard...
i did carry the camera along and took it out a few times. nothing particular was in my focus, more just the overall feel of spring and colour appearing was calling out to me.

so here we go, i sifted through the pics and it struck me "orange" all over the place. lots of orange not in any particular order or focus, but there was lot's of little orange dot's all around me, without me being aware of it. it must have been a call for attention by that orange colour, which somehow the eye was "hearing" and reacting to it.
i do like it, it seems to me, that such awareness is exactly what i want to be tuned into. taking lots and lots of photos probably helps the eye to "hear" or better said see and focus.

a smile on my face, for orange, random bits of orange on this wonderful may day!

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