May 16, 2013

crossover pinafore

i have a little friend for whom i was sitting down to sew a bit. absolutely fun, i'm already thinking of a second set of the crossover pinafore. there are a few more of those very yummy fabrics, just fit for such a purpose, in my closet.
i love the squirrels and trees fabric by david walker, it's so fun and wonderful to touch. a very fine cotton, the little girl i'm sure will love it. a bit of looking around made me spot the crossover pinafore dress on maggies site, a great place to get inspired about sewing for kids, totally will be stopping by again... she didn't have the tutorial for the diaper covers up yet, so there i was, trying it on my own or, ha i was searching a bit more and found this, an other wonderful tutorial. though i did change it a bit, as i wanted to have the diaper covers the same way as the dress. wearable with the print outside or with the solid side out. a bit tricky though after some sewing and opening of it all again and resewing it worked out just fine...
isn't it all about trial and error and retrying and getting it right. i start to love that process more and more and i'm getting braver with it, just try and try again it will happen to become.

as i'm working with those pastels i can't help but match them with some wonderful peonies. last week when i went to the market i could just not resist those wonderful full soft pink buds. and now here they are, full in bloom and i'm at awe.

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