May 21, 2013

the cold of may

it has been rather bleak, rainy and cool this spring. lot's of over cast weather and still it's in the high forties! i did plant the straw bales though the cucumber plant is not out yet, as the nights are easily going down into the thirties. the cucumber plants need 46.4 f (8 Celsius) to be able to surwive, so here i am, desparately wanting to wear the new skirt, a yard sale wrap from "weekend sewing" by heather ross. i chose a wonderful cotton with the real feel of summer... some how i just need that extra cheer right now.
we all need to go out anyway and get a good deep breath of fresh air, and that new swing in our garden is the perfect helper in regards to the kids, wanting to go out and swing, almost endlessly.
coming back in, cold hands, amid the fleece jacket and closed shoes i'm glad to be able to cuddle with our cat. a very warm and playful "hand warmer".

there has more sewing been going on at my house...

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