May 20, 2013

fussspuren IX

it was the big fussspuren IX, at the schauspielhaus this past weekend. two performances after lot's of rehearsals and even more practicing sessions...
the dancer of the taZ did a wonderful job. it was beautiful and just something i'm not yet used watching. i know there will be many more performances, in the years to come. so far we all went and enjoyed it. even little thea was able to sit through the whole two acts. well we should slowly get used to the 3hour shows i guess (there is a littel pause in the middle, to run out to the hall and have thea exercise her legs....)

elias was not on until the second half, almost not to understand for thea. with every dance we watched, her not very quiet voice was clearly to hear: "is elias on now?" no he is not, sh....
never the less, it was fun and we are all a bit proud of our oldest boy in the family.


Shel said...

It was dance recital week on our world too! Love all your pictures!

Our moment this week is from our first trip to Southwick's Zoo where we had the chance to feed and interact with deer! Something I have always wanted to do! It was such a magical experience!

I also wanted to share our moment from last week. Last weekend my girls had their first dance recital! What an amazing experience!

Have a great weekend!

Jessica said...

Beautiful! Here is mine:

It is the end of the first week of my new blog!