May 2, 2013

planting and painting

i decided that it's finally time to put the flowers into the planters. in past years we planted the flower boxes by mid april, though this year, no way it was snowing on the 20th of april this year!
finally i could not hold back but put the boxes out this afternoon. and then after dinner, i ran and took them from the balcony railing down and under the table, as it was raining super strong. just moments later it was not just water coming from the sky but ice! a hailstorm...

i will put the flowers up again tomorrow. i will and spring is in town, i don't worry.
on saturday we will be celebrating 20. years of our foundation "wohnbegleitung", and for that we will be needing a few big colourfull letters. i cut and stapled them yesterday, today the girls painted them. fun and good looking, saturday we are getting ready to celebrate. by the way, there are 11 cakes in the freezer all sorts of, all very yummy and i'm sure you should stop by in winterthur to enjoy the celebration with us!

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