May 1, 2013

opposits on our 1st of may

going to our traditional family reunion across the country to the county of "Baselland", where right now all the cherry trees are in full bloom is wonderful.
though a huge contrast as we traveled by train through the city of zurich, and this on the first of may "Tag der Arbeit". zurich is on high alert, as you might suspect seeing the police in riot gear, that's not usually the case in our big city of zurich.
though the "Tag der Arbeit" is being celebrated and lots of people on the street, like here. in past years there was  usually trouble with a few folks of "der schwarze block", it seems like this year this is not happening.

anyway, for us it's family reunion and we had a wonderful time being together as well as enjoying a nice spring day with lots of dandelions and cherry blossom. a good day, thank you family and mother nature.

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