August 28, 2013

a loop with camera in hand

all photos by naomi

this afternoon, naomi was asking for the camera. she has not done this very often and it felt fine to hand her the camera...

so here is a little result of her loop around the house. it's fun to see what she was focusing on, a little bit of her world. of course there are new sights to be discovered for me. like the surprise of photos taken in the garage...
though thea's bike with it's new mounted stand was bringing a big smile to my face. there has been lots of talking and lots of thinking and pondering and many a phone call to a certain special god father. and here we are, after a visit at thea's god father over the weekend, having taken the little red bike along on the train, through zurich the stand is mounted and the bike back in our garage, standing by itself! thank you god father.

i will naomi ask again to take photos, she got a lot of pleasure out of it and i did so too. maybe we can come up with some sort of creative assignments. let's just say, the camera is a wonderful "thing".

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