August 13, 2013

the view weather and fun

just in front of the house was a wonderful meadow to hunt for grasshoppers the largest and most interesting find was the "warzenbeisser". of course it was exciting to catch and observe and just be at awe how all those creatures navigate and hop...
an other big sport was bong ball, just finding the paddles and a fitting ball was enough to get the boys going, the game was being played all week long with lots of enthusiasm, tournaments and of course just plain fun was the deal.

there was lots of little walks, just wandering around a bit. finding flowers exciting spots in brooks with lots of water right after the rain. elias and joel were not to stop from having fun and many an interesting discussion.

right next to the house was a brook too. it lent itself perfectly for damming and playing. many an hour was spent in the water, blisters on hands and feet, though they were not a big deal, playing was too much fun. once there was such a nice dame and behind a good sized pool elias and joel could not resist a quick and refreshing bath!

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