August 12, 2013

the view and some doings

 the view has been breathtaking, high above grindelwald we stayed in a "maiensaess". i expected a good view, though nothing like this! the wetterhorn to our left, then upper and the lower grindelwald glaciers. straight before us the eiger with it's north wall, just wonderful to look at and to the right the "kleine scheidegg" and "maennlichen".
it was great to hike over to the house and be welcomed by friends who stayed there the week before us. just upon arrival we had a wonderful pasta lunch and from then on i loved the surrounding and the little retro baby smock on my needles was finished in no time, as i could just sit there and my hands did what they are used to be doing

i also have been crocheting around rocks last summer and still feel inspired by flax and twine...
this summer was a bit different, the rocks around the house were all flat and absolutely not round or washed round at all. o well i overcame this obstacle and just went with a creative way to attache the "out of my head" doily. i love it and though it was not easy to get the rather big rock packed up in my crocheted work, with some help of a bit of tape for some moments, it was all done and placed in our living room for right now.
of course the paints came along, naomi did some aquarel painting, she loves the fact, that water is a big part of this technique. thea used lots of coloured pencils and loved it, when ever someone else was coming up with a design to colour out. even the post cards were colored and drawn on.
more to come

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