August 19, 2013

the "kindergarten dress"

here we go, first day of kindergarten for thea, she was so very happy to go and didn't mind the rain at all. maybe even liked it, as she got to wear her boots and the "plastic coat". every time as soon as there is some sort of rain, even just a drizzle, the "plastic coat" has to be worn and i just smile. of course it is the correct name for such a coat, though i would never have thought of naming a raincoat "plastic coat"!

coming home, being even happier and so very proud to show me the notes her teacher has written and handed me some "parent information" pages...
my happiness was, that thea loves her "kindergarten-dress". i struck me on friday afternoon, that i didn't sew her a new dress for this summer. and of course the occasion of going to kindergarten is a big one, calling for a new dress. there i was, pondering and thinking and realizing, that the "crossover pinafor" should be a super quick and sweet one to do.
so i got out the pattern i used in may for a 6 month old and adapted it a bit. today thea wears her new kindergarten dress, fabric she chose from my closet and the two of us are one big happiness.

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