August 14, 2013

the view at last and good times

lots of wonderful moments we enjoyed in the house. though of course many whistle moments not just indoors but also right in front of the house. we love joel's music making, the kids didn't want to bring their instruments, it took me a moment, though i respectet their wish. lots of singing too, thea found a great illustrated song book, which she requested to be singing from at many a moment.
an other thing was playing board and card games, we did get some rain, which put us around the table, near the wooden stove and we played many rounds of "7 ate 9" as well as "incognito".

the cozy living-eating-room was just so perfect. wonderful cooking on the wooden stove to make roesti, amos was definitely the chef this week besides my mom. even cooking tea water was fun and making a fire became naomi's passion this week. living so closely together is sometimes a bit of a challenge, though important to us. once more i felt encouraged to live a close knit family life, talking, discussing, even fighting for something can be fruitful and it is deepening our relationships. it's helping one more and more to understand the other and one self. of course it is not easy at all times, there are many not so loving interactions. but that's life and we will learn to master it together. as we enjoy a late night glass of wine with appetizers...

we went up high to do some climbing, a good adventure for us as a family (thea stayed at the house with my parents). naomi was definitely the bravest in regards to trust her gear.
let's do it again next summer, as we did last summer, it seems like a good tradition which we all enjoy.

the last evening was just the best scenic one. a beautiful sky, such special light, no word's really.
that's how we will keep it in our minds and leave it for the moment at least.

thank you my family for coming along and life with me the low tech week!
and thank you for joel for the many good photos he made...

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