August 22, 2013

two kinds of pies or should i call them tarts

lot's of different kinds of pie's lately. all kinds of variations in regards to ingredients, tomatoes, corn, zucchini is in almost every kind. once with bacon bits, once with cheese sprinkled over, an other time with more and then again with fewer eggs. it seems like the family does love them and mostly served with lettuce makes a wonderful dinner.

and then there is a second kind, the sweet kind, even more loved by the kids. this one is from fresh italian prunes. one of my favorites i have to admit. i love any kind of fruit tart especially with lots of ground hazelnuts on the bottom. any shade of red is in season, as i noticed when i served the pizza for lunch, yummy tomatoes and bell peppers are coming in.
our cherry tomatoes are not yet in full swing, as they sit in a rather shady spot (but i just have no better place, they need to be shielded from the rain, switzerland is not italy....)

any ideas for summer pies/tarts, what's on your table?

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Anonymous said...

hmmm... i have made a tomato pie from the book plenty many times. i love a nice savory pie!!!