August 27, 2013

market day :: and lonely

i have been to the market regularly and thea has come with me, every week or most weeks. the two of us had a routine:
loading the trailer, riding and then parking the bike in front of the library. then thea usually got really excited and wanting to walk "on the line" down steinberggasse. that was not usually an easy undertaking, as lots of people walked by the produce and flower stands. though by this summer she managed well, just standing still until people passed by and then walking on, on "the line" (which was a special granite among cobble stone pavement).

today i went on my own, i did feel like i wanted to go and just keep to the routine of getting fresh produce at the city's weekly market. first i had to park at a different spot then i there was no trailer, and so no girl to wait for, no one wanting to follow "the line". i was a bit earlier than usual, as i left the house when thea left to go to kindergarten. too many things were different, uncommon, i felt lost an in the midst of all the happy people enjoying the wonderful bounty of tomatoes and cucumbers, flowers and what ever else is in season, i was uneasy and could hardly make up my mind for what i set out to do.

i will keep going to the market, keep developing a new routine and find my way on tuesday mornings on my own. it will be new and lonely for a few more weeks, though i will manage.
thea is feeling at home at her kindergarten, loves to go and comes home happy. wanting to tell me all her stories before lunch starts and the good thing about that, she comes home just about 10 minutes before the others come home to sit down and eat. a new routine, a new treasure is developing and i love it.

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