August 20, 2013

doing it together :: musikfestwochen

the last item on our summer vacation list was "dining out"
here we are, we took the opportunity of the winterthurer musikfestwochen on a lush evening to have dinner (the grown ups enjoyed a wonderful italian dish from el tipico's at the krichplatz. the kids wanted fries and coke! of course we can serve you this once this summer, no worries here. and lot's of room for ice creme was the word on the street.
and we all enjoyed the cool dessert from "teekult", they serve a wonderful selection, and you know what, i found once again a chocolat chilli ice creme! (it's not just jp licks.... as much as i still miss the coffee shop from my old life in the new world ;)

and yes the music was just wonderful, we didn't particularly go to listen to a certain band. it was something we wanted to do together as a family and it is local, right there a 15 minute bike ride from our door step. and the music is all free! so what better to do, as to just launch and go, even if one of us had a bit of a rough start heading out. it just got better by the minute and the mighty oaks excited all of us, maybe it will stick for a while. the kids also loved the experience of life music out doors. we will do it again, maybe we should take advantage of the festival still going on this week...

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