September 5, 2016

all of it

for an important event, like the installation of our friend at his new church, there must be good food and good music, beside of course good teaching and wonderful fellowship.

all this did happen yesterday and we absolutely enjoyed it. a festive service in a full church with our friend being installed as a pastor. it was great and i'm a bit envious that it was not our church....
never mind, we are not too far away and once in a while we will show up and listen to your preaching, dear friend.
after church was a wonderful reception with lots of yummy lebanese food and irish music. yes that's how international we have become, and the way we absolutely love it. the whole family was taking part in all those celebrations and many more friends and family. it was a blessed day and that's what i pray for, strength and joy in the daily ministry as a pastor, as the pastors wife, the pastors kids and next door neighbors to everyone living over the fence from you, dear c & s.

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