September 8, 2016

back to school

a few months back i started to go back to school. just a day a week, taking classes toward a degree in religious education. it has been on my mind for a while, but i just never stepped up to do it. over all it's really very practical and enjoyable to be back in the classroom.
right now i'm working on padagogy and didactics, so lots of "how to teach". very interesting and i do enjoy the reading of those text books.
even better, i can sit in the back yard, read and enjoy the morning sunshine. doing so, i feel like i'm on vacation, but get things done!

of course not all of it can be done that way, but for now, i love this kind of "back to school".

it really is wonderful to study a subject, which has been on my heart and is so much what i already have been doing. it is a fun perspective to look into the future and realize, that i will be able to do what i love and be with the people dear to me and get the appreciation for doing so. a good way to dive all into it and jump into new waters.

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