September 20, 2016

take out

going places together is usually fun and sharing food on the go needs a bit of coordination...
of course, it all starts with thea not wanting to share with her siblings, but that is quickly taken care of, even before getting the food, what ever it is.
and then it often turns out to be perfect to share. it's frequently easier to eat and share, while there are more hands to hold for dipping and so on.
this was also the case the last time we hopped on the train late afternoon, our tummies where grumbling and so we got some slow fast food fries with potatoes from the area, like most of their vegetables and meats are from just "around the corner". this is my main reason to get take out "just so", "just for the little hunger" while traveling out of town. then usually we pack a little snack or sandwich and a bottle of water or lemonade.
and this time amos and thea as well as me, we all enjoyed the yummy fries and "jack & jo" made ketchup...

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