September 27, 2016

summer squash

we have lots of summer squash and kids who are not very fond of it...
and we have chickens which started to lay eggs! this is wonderful, as most of us like eggs in any kind or fashion.
this led to "summer piccata" as i started to call those meals with summer squash dipped in flower, egg and grated cheese. and i discovered, that some more people around the table really like the preparation of the yellow vegetable in this fashion.
still thea doesn't. for her is the left over egg-cheese-omelet, which is baked in the frying pan after all the squash slices are dipped and fried in the pan.

as it has been wonderful weather, we enjoyed some out of door lunches, just on our balcony, even under the shade, it has been perfect and very enjoyable. we try to get the most out of the season.

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