September 6, 2016

the town fair

last weekend was fair in our corner of the city. not big at all, but all the different clubs and organizations of the area had their food stands and games and little presentations. a few rides were in town as well and one could really chose from all sorts of flavors of foods from "the four corners" of the world.

it was fun to watch the kids enjoy the rides and besides the obnoxious music, spectacular with the flickering and colors and just fun.

the little one got tired and enjoyed her special "ride" home. as we live i walking distance from all of this, it was easy and we quickly escaped the crowds, sounds and smells of the "wondrous" world, as fast as we appeared and enjoyed the moment.

every year a quick step into a very different world, which is really not ours at all, but the kids are intrigued by it all. and i do have to remark, a moment of color and world smells and scents i can take and even enjoy.

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