September 13, 2016

be still and enjoy

as i have had just a half day of school today, i seized the opportunity to take a moment and be still. the church "zu predigern", has an open door and offers it's sanctuary to sit and just be. it is located in the old town of zurich, in many ways in the heart of this big and busy city. founded by dominican monchs, it has always seen itself as a place to flee the busyness of the every day and not in particular as a parish. and so it still is being utilized and used not mainly by people living within its close vicinity, but by people from all over town stopping by accidentally or working around the corner etc.
the view of the pew from behind, was especially intriguing to me, such a fun perspective!

and not just from the inside of the predigern, the weather is unusually warm, if not to say hot for september. i strolled along the limmat across the bellevue onto the lake promenade. and there still is the wonderful construction of a spectacular actual exhibit, the manifesta 11, it is a lot of fun and exciting to come across the different sites all over the city.
and the lake itself has been such an inviting place to be and walk and spend a few moments of leisure.

those moments of freedom, as nobody and not even myself, have expected to pop up have to be fully enjoyed...

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Such a lovely church. Our churches no longer keep their doors unlocked so that you can enter and sit whenever you want to. Sad. Looks like beautiful weather for you. Continue to enjoy it!! xo

~ Wendy