September 15, 2016

summer still going

the little concrete pots are wonderfully decorating some window sills toward our garden. i enjoy them daily, and the plants seem to flourish. thank you my dear neighbor for placing them there after the initial use as decoration for a celebration.
of course one has to water and tend the little plants, and even that, my neighbor is doing this and has lovingly instructed thea, in the art of taking well care for the little chicks and hens.

we are at the end of summer and i'm very happy, to see my girl taking an interest in gardening. even if it is just the handling of a syringe to water plants... who would not love to do so!

there have been different things on my list of wanting to do and make, but it seems like i'm not getting anywhere. i'm aware, i have been back to school myself, so between one and two days a week i'm out of the house. and the weather has been so wonderful, i could not let those days with sunshine let slip by. i spent the time whenever out of doors, reading and walking and visiting friends. but as i said, the house has been neglected and so my knitting and sewing.

one thing is up to speed, the ironing.... amos has taken on this chore. he is keen on learning and he is developing the skill quickly. good for me, i'm able to wear ironed dresses and blouses and so does anyone else in the family. not all is lost in my household, i guess, the kids are picking up.

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