September 29, 2016

braiding and threading

the every day braiding. bringing together all the different strands in one household, in one family to say the least. for me it's a even a bit more than the six colors and kinds of ropes i'm trying to braid into some sort of pretty and working pattern.
life in community is wonderfully and enriching, inspiring and challenging as well. frequently it is all going well and one can thoroughly enjoy the presence of one an other. last night's dinner was a bit of a stretch, not just for me, but for most every body sitting around the table. discussions get started and laughter roars through the kitchen, it is all well. sharing the days happy encounters as well as it's toils and laborious hours.
one moment of not judging the situation was enough to get things a bit derailed. one comment making an other person uncomfortable or irritated is common, but then an other person not realizing how she was feeding into this "box of pandorra's". a heated debate, miss understanding and all those sort of things. of course it was absolutely not intentioned to run that way, and after 15 minutes or so, while we ended the dinner gathering, it all turned out to be less hot and less fragile as it looked.

though still, i'm glad not every meal has to end up in such heated and opinionated discussions!

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