November 7, 2017

darkness brings magic

what is this?

nothing really, it just is what you see. lines of light, easy to come up with in a dark night. though not just the darkness needs to be here, also some random sources of light. take the camera out and take some photos with long exposure times, move the camera body around and start playing.
it's lots of fun and it looks different every time i take a picture. trying to the twice the same playful lines is kind a hard, but try and you will see.

i like those lines and as we just switched back from daylight savings, the evenings are early the nights seem long. it definitely is the time of year, when darkness could take over. though it is just the beginning of the dark and long nights, it is november and i'm getting used to bundle up and stay warm. knitting and wearing knitts is helping, drinking lots of tea and then there is the light, warm shining light of a candle. sitting in the living room everyone working on this or that, practicing music or finishing up some home work. we are being drawn inward, closer to each other and that, i like.

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